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Endangered Species (ESO) and Marine Mammal Observers (MMO)

Often projects conducted at sea require approved Endangered Species Observers to monitor any potential impacts on listed (i.e. endangered) species, including any potential interactions or accidental killing of these species. These species include marine mammals, sea turtles, and shortnose sturgeon. Project activities may include dredging, dredge disposal, pipe laying or blasting operations. EWTS provides NMFS approved Endangered Species Observers for at-sea operations across the eastern seaboard. These observers are also qualified to work on projects in NMFS’ Northeast and Southeast Regions.
EWTS Endangered Species Observers (ESO) work on hopper dredges and tugboats during dredge disposal operations from Maine to Texas. 

EWTS MMO visually observe and identify marine mammals and other protected marine wildlife in the vicinity of a range of offshore operations. EWTS Marine Mammal Observers (MMO) work on seismic vessels and on offshore operations.
All ESO and MMO are all approved by NMFS.  They are experienced and well seasoned for life at sea and ready on a moments notice for short or extended contracts.